The Way it All Works

Free for All Properties Owners

                    The Blewberrie Network

Blewberrie will email renters a list of properties that they qualify for; at that time you may contact your leasing agent for as many showings as you like!

Parntners, Affilliates & Sponsors!

We match families according to what they can afford, plus assist with discounted energy costs and utilities.

Our plan to help you budget and prep for home purchase is very important to our banking and Realtor network.

We go the extra mile for our renters!

We work with the most trusted Real estate Agents in the country as Blewberrie Leasing Agents.

Nothing is more important to us than our Property Owners satisfaction, our reputation is how we make our company work.

Property Owners hold all of the passwords for automation to their properties from

Property Owners have a live exterior video feed to all of their investment properties at all times.

Landlords may connect with other Landlords about our services nationwide.

We stand behind our product and we support our industry.

Other Property Management Companies can't compete or compare to Blewberrie.


$120.00 Refundable Processing Fee

$120.00 Refundable Processing Fee